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The uncontrollable thirst for giving love.


Taken from Tori Amos’ 2009 album “Abnormally Attracted to Sin”, this is a highly sensual track that reflects on a woman’s need to give herself away sexually in order to survive. Trip-hop meets Tori on her acoustic piano, resulting in a beautiful, haunting and provocative track from one of this world’s best comtemporary songwriters.

The album title, “Abnormally Attracted to Sin”, is actually a line said by the character Sarah Brown in the musical “Guys and Dolls”.

To accompany the album, Tori released 16 “visualettes”, all directed by Christian lamb, including footage from her 2007 tour combined with newer recordings of Tori acting out various feelings, urges and fantasies. In the video for “Give”, Tori is cruising men in a bar and sensually sipping Dry Martinis, not leaving too much room for alternate interpretations on the lyrics. It is about a woman who needs to give love in order to gain power. There are some clear references to vampirism in the song, but the difference is that she doesn’t need to take from others. Vampires will steal blood from another being to survive, unless someone is voluntarily giving it to them. This woman is giving love to men, comparing herself to those who would willingly give blood to thirsty vampires. And it gives her power.

The cover photo was shot by fashion photographer Karen Collins, and she was chosen for the job because Tori likes the way she shoots women, making them look empowered and sexy at the same time.

“Abnormally Attracted to Sin” was Tori’s tenth studio album, released in May 2009 on Universal Republic, with who she signed up in late 2008 after leaving Epic Records due to financial and creative disagreements. The album was followed up later that same year with the release of “Midwinter Graces”, her first seasonal album.