Don’t want it Baudelaire, just glitter lust.


“Ooh la la” was the first single from Goldfrapp’s 2005 album “Supernature”, and this song just seems to make your hips move all by themselves. With a persistent, swinging disco beat and a message about wanting sex without romance, this is a brilliant example of the more playful side of Goldfrapp.

Alison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory first met in 1999, and they understood immediately that there was a strong musical connection between them. Soon after, “Goldfrapp” was formed, and the debut album “Felt Mountain” was released the year after, in 2000.  Up until 1999, Alison Goldfrapp had worked with some of the biggest names on the electronic scene and provided vocals for Tricky’s “Pumpkin” and “Are we here?” by Orbital. Will was working mainly as a film composer at the time, but is also a highly skilled musician who has collaborated with The Cure, Tori Amos, Peter Gabriel and Portishead, just to mention a few.

“Ooh la la” came together in a small, rented house in Bath, England, where the duo had gone in late 2004 to begin the recordings of “Supernature” in rural surroundings, far away from the noise of the city. When they recorded the song, Will played the keyboard bass as Alison sang, and accidentally the sound of Will’s fingers pressing down the keys went into her microphone. Afterwards, when they listened to the recording, they both liked the sound and decided to add it to the chorus. “Ooh la la” also became the first Goldfrapp song to feature the electric guitar.

The song has been compared to the 1969 Norman Greenbaum hit “Spirit in the sky“, mainly because of the rhythmic similarities.


One response to “Don’t want it Baudelaire, just glitter lust.

  1. love Goldfrapp, great to know more about them, thanks for the info

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